Laptop Fan Replacement

My laptop was complaining about overheating. Windows popped up a message saying I had to return my computer to the manufacturer. But I thought it was just a bad fan. So I found the part number for my exact laptop and bought a replacement fan online for less than $20 bucks. Here are the steps […]

Take Apart: Smart Outlet

This 110v smart outlet has a small ESP8266 microcontroller that can be reflashed with open source smart home software. We took one apart and will be flashing it soon to eliminate its cloud dependency. The ESP module has convenient test points for the reflash process. The hot or live side of the smart outlet is […]


Sometimes I come across examples of strange and broken equipment. Here are a few examples… Utility pole with, I’m guessing, a gas enclosure on the wire and an empty tank strapped to the bottom of the pole. Hmm: One nail holding this part of a wooden roller coaster together:   Gas station advertising screen has […]

New website!

We moved from our old host to a new web host. Hello, World! This should make it easier for more people to edit the site and make more blog posts. We’re looking forward to seeing more projects explored, videos uploaded, tutorials explained, photos published, and so on… See you soon!